1. Reservations

By making a reservation, you declare full knowledge and acceptance of the accommodation, reservation, payment and cancellation policy of the apartment.

The posted prices include all legal taxes, are in euros, per night and do not include breakfast.

2. Deposits

The deposition of the deposit της προκαταβολής and the sending of the corresponding receipt must be done when submitting the booking form on our website.

In any case where the address is not informed about the reservation or no deposit is deposited accompanied by the sending of the corresponding, Menagia Village has the right to cancel the reservation without further notice.

Reservations 1-7 days:
For reservations of up to 7 days, a deposit of 20% of the total amount of the reservation is required to confirm it.

Reservations 8-30 days:
For reservations of up to 30 days, a deposit of 35% of the total amount of the reservation is required for the confirmation of it.

3. Cancellation Policy

The management of MENAGIA Village requests from the customers to inform as soon as possible and in writing to our e-mail for any changes or cancellations regarding their reservation.

  • In case, the cancellation of the reservation is greater than 21 days from the scheduled arrival (check-in) there is no financial charge and the deposit is refundable (in addition to the 10 euros charged as tax for any commissions, etc,).
  • For reservations cancelled in a period less than 21 days and till 14 days from the scheduled arrival (check-in), the customer is charged  50% of the deposit he has deposited to us. The rest of the 50% is returned to the customer.
  • For reservations cancelled in a period less than 14 days from the scheduled arrival or non-appearance to MENAGIA Village will be bound 100% of the deposit deposited.
  • In case of early departure in relation to the scheduled departure date (check-out), the customer is obliged to reimburse MENAGIA Village with 50% of the accommodation that will not take.

Cancellation during the COVID-19 epidemic
In the event that government decisions on the pandemic prohibit or restrict free movement or entry in the country, and you are therefore forced to cancel your reservation, you will be refunded 100% of the deposit (only bank charges are bound by us that burden MENAGIA Village).

4. Arrival / Departure

Upon arrival at MENAGIA Village you must have  your ID or passport, as well as an electronic receipt or copy confirming your booking via our email contact form. You must also have a vaccination/disease certificate fot Covid-19 or a PCR test/ rapid test, in accordance with the relevant instructions of Ministry of Health/Tourism that will be valid at the time of the visit. MENAGIA Village may refuse to provide service to a guest who does not present a personal document.

Upon departure the customer must hand over the room key to the receptionist.

Arrival and departure times, unless otherwise agreed, are as follows:
Arrival (check in): 15:00 or later
Departure (check out): 11:00 or sooner

The possibility of extending your departure time after 11.00 depends on the fullness of MENAGIA Village and is subject to an additional charge as follows:

  • Check out till 15:00 with a cost of 15 ευρώ
  • Check out from 15:00 till 20:00 with a cost of 30 ευρώ.
  • For departures after 20.00 the customer will be charged 100% of the price of the daily charge.

Payment for the accommodation can be made any day during the stay and time 19.00 – 21.00 or the day of departure 09.00 – 10.30

5. Accomodation

MENAGIA Village has a video surveillance system (except toilet and rooms inside). By using the accommodation services you agree to the video surveillance.

The safety of children in the main area is the role responsibility of the parents/guardians and their attendants.

Common quiet hourd must be observer by all for the proper operation of MENAGIA Village.

It is forbidden to pass the room key to third parties.

It is forbidden to stay in the room of a person who has not been booked or is not registered in the guest list.

In each room there are available to the customer sanitary ware and linen which are for use exclusively in the room. The use of linen or bed linen is not allowed on the beach or in other places.

It is forbidden to move or remove any object from the rooms.

The cleaning of the rooms with change of clothes takes place every 2nd – 3rd day. The customer can refuse the cleanliness by stating it from the beginning at the reception.

In case of any need the customer should contact the responsible employee and not any staff.

In the area where the accommodation is located the capacity of the sewer pipes is limited. The customer is requested to dispose of everything in the bin and never in the toilet.

MENAGIA Village has a laundry service/ dry cleaning / ironing service upon request with reception.

A bed with signaling is available on the beach for each apartment. Customers are requested not to occupy the beds in the other rooms and not to move/block the beach loungers intented for the public.

Garbage and the avoidance of noise pollution on the beach is the sole responsibility of the customer.

6. Extra Beds

Travel cot is provided at no extra charge upon request or on the relevant booking form.

Extra beds (ranch), if available, are provided at no extra charge as long as they are included in the original booking.

7. Pets

MENAGIA Village accepts pets upon relevant information provided that the following conditions are met:

All pets must be tied up or in their transport cages when they are in the common areas of our accommodation.

Pets must have their own bed as well as their personal clothing (towels, blanket, etc.). In no case is the use of clothing intended for the customer allowed by pets.

Cleaning pet litter inside and outside the room is the sole responsibility of the customer.

The stay of the unaccompanied pet inside the rooms is the sole responsibility of the customer.

The customer is responsible for any bodily injury or property damage related to his pet.

Please show understanding in case, if a pet causes a justified annoyance to a customer of the MENAGIA Village, the management is forced to refuse further accomodation of your pet.

8. Room Damage

In case of damage to a room or other property of MENAGIA Village, the management has the right to charge for the damage suffered.

The management will demand the immediate payment of the amount of damage suffered by the customer, otherwise all legal rights are reserved.

9. Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in our rooms as well as in all public enclosed areas of MENAGIA Village.

10. Force Majeure

MENAGIA Village does not bear any responsibility in case it cannot fulfill its obligations to the customer, in whole or in part, due to cases of force majeure (eg strikes. Fire, floods. Terrorist acts, etc.)

11. Loss of personal items

Each customer is responsible for the care of his personal and/or valuables throughout his stay at MENAGIA Village.

MENAGIA Village is not responsible for any loss or destruction.

For other items that each customer brings with him to the property,   MENAGIA Village is released from any responsibility if the damage or loss is due to his own negligence or to the persons who live with him, visit him or are at his service.

In addition, MENAGIA Village is not responsible if the loss or destruction is due to force majeure (earthquake, fire, etc.) or to the specific nature of the object.

12. Applicable Law

Present terms are governed by Greek law and the competent authority for resolving any dispute arising from them is exclusively the courts.